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This festival is celebrated during the month of Kartika (Oct-Nov) on the day after Dipawali. This festival celebrates the offering of a mountain of food items to Govardhana Hill, by Nanda Maharaja and the residences of Braja. In most of the temples of Vridavan and Braja, huge quantities of food are prepared in this ceremony and are very sumptuously distributed to the general population. On this Govardhana Hill is worshiped. A large hill of prasada (sacred food) is made in many temples. Devotees circle the hill and then honor the prasada from this hill. Also models of Govardhana Hill are made of cow dung.


- Vrindavan

- March

Guru Purnima
(Muria Puno)

- Govardhan

- July

Hariyali Teej

- Braj Mandal

- July


- Braj Mandal

- Aug/Sept

Radha Ashtami

- Barsana, Gokul

- Aug.


- Govardhan,

- Sept./Oct.

Yam Dwitiya

- Vishram Ghat

- Sept./Oct.

Kansa Vadh


- Sept.


- Braj Mandal

- Feb./Mar.

Lathmar Holi

- Barsana,

- Feb./Mar.
(Phalguna Shukla 9&10)

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