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  Krishna is not in need of anything, He is purnam, the complete whole. And yet He appreciates our love for Him, just like everyone appreciates if someone exhibits love them. So He kindly allows us to show that love by considering that if I do not feed Him, Krishna will go hungry, if I do not give Him rest, He will be tired, like that... Everything we do should be for the reason that it gives pleasure to Krishna. Because Krishna’s intimate associates (the Brajbasis) give Him the most pleasure, and because they are His favorites, it pleases Him to see that these associates and close friends are also offered all respect by the devotees.

Hare Krishna Food For Life is fully committed to the welfare of the children in Vrindavana and nearby villages. Going out everyday, we regularly visit thirty-two government primary schools and distribute subji, puri and as a special treat; halava, gulab-jamun, sweet rice, laddhu or fresh fruit. An average of 9,000 children per month are served. Occasionally clothing and stationery are also distributed. In many village schools it has become like the festival of the month. When the villagers see us approaching the school with our FFL van, they all come carrying their small children, and in a school with 120 students we end up serving prasad to more than three hundred. Everyone enjoys to their heart’s content and all look forward to the next month’s distribution.

"Children are our greatest asset and should be cared for"—Mahatma Gandhi

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