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Secular in character - The sculptors worked for Brahmanical, Buddhist and    Jain faiths alike.

Use of spotted red (some times buff) coloured sandstone.

Black clay terracottas is the special speciality of the School.

Continuance of early art forms of Central India (Particulary of Bharhut).

Fusion of the primitive Yaksha cult with pantheon of other sects.

Replacement of symbols by anthropomorphic form.

Foreign elements blended with indigenous motifs.

Introduction of portrait.

Tutelary deities representing the popular phase of religion given important place.

Exposition of feminine beauty with great delicacy and charm.

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Free guided tours on fixed hours and also on fixing a schedule.

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10.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
Week end holiday - Monday Galleries are also closed on Sunday followed by Second Saturday of the month and on gazetted holidays

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