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This is a bathing ghata on the bank of the Yamuna, where Krishna and Balarama rested after killing King Kamsa and his eight brothers. Visrama means "to rest." Before pilgrims begin Braja Mandala parikrama they take bath in Visrama Ghata. Lord Caitanya bathed here and in 24 other ghatas near here.

It is said that Lord Varaha, Vishnu in His boar incarnation, also rested here after killing Hiranyaksa. While resting here, Lord Varaha spoke the Adi Varaha Purana to Mother Earth and it was recorded by Vyasadeva.

Every evening there is a sunset arati offered to the Yamuna River. Many people come for this arati. You can get a good view of this arati on a sunset boat ride. This ghata was reconstructed in 1814.

Next to this ghata is the small Yamuna-Yamaraja temple, where there are old deities of Yamuna devi and her brother Yamaraja. These Deities are said to have been installed by Vajranabha, 4900 years ago. This temple is located about 30m (100 ft) from the Yamuna, on the path that leads to the road that goes to the Dwarkadish temple. The sign on the wall of this temple says Sree Yamunaji Dharamraj Temple. Dharmaraj is another name for Yamaraja.

This place is located in the middle (north-south) of Mathura, on the bank of the Yamuna.

This is said to be the place where Dhruva was instructed by Narada Muni, at the age of five, what he had to do to occupy a position more exalted than any yet achieved within the three worlds, even greater than his father's, who was the king of the earth.

There is a temple here, up some steps, in a good sized building, right next to Dhruva Ghata. There are Deities of Radharani and Krishna on the right altar and a deity of Dhruva on the center altar. As this is in a secluded place, not many people come here.

When Dhruva approached Narada Muni to find out how to achieve his goal, Narada instructed him. "My dear boy, I wish all good fortune for you. You should go to the bank of the Yamuna, where there is a forest named Madhuvana, and there you will be purified. Just by going there, one draws nearer to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who always lives there. My dear boy, in the waters of the Yamuna River, which is known as Kalindi, you should take three baths daily because the water is very auspicious, sacred and clear. After bathing, you should perform the necessary regulative principles for astanga-yoga and then sit down on your asana (sitting place) in a calm and quiet position" (Srimad Bhagavatam 4.8.42-43). Narada also instructed Dhruva to chant the twelve-syllable mantra for worshiping Lord Krishna. "Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya."

This ghata is situated at about 3/4 km south of Visrama Ghata, on the bank of the Yamuna River. It is located by itself, between the railway bridge and the road bridge that goes over the Yamuna.

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