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Govardhana Hill was about 16 miles (29 km) high 5,000 years ago. Govardhana is formed in the shape of a peacock. Radha Kunda and Syama Kunda are the eyes. Dan Ghati is its long neck. Mukharavinda is the mouth and Punchari is its back and tail feathers. A peacock often curves its neck and puts his head under its stomach. Govardhana Hill is shaped in this pose of a peacock.

Due to the curse of Pulastya Muni, it is sinking the height of a mustard seed daily. In Satya Yuga, Pulastya Muni approached Dronacala, the king of the mountains, and asked him for his son Govardhana. Dronacala was depressed and pleaded the sage that he was unable to bear the separation from his son. Govardhana then went with sage, under the condition that wherever the sage would put him down, he would remain.

Pulastya Muni then took Govardhana and then started for his ashrama. While passing through Braja Mandala he put Govardhana down to answer the call of nature. On his return he found that he cannot move Govardhana. He became very angry and then cursed Govardhana to shrink to the size of mustard seed daily. At that time it was 115 km (64 miles) long, 72 km (40 miles) wide and 29 km (16 miles) high. Now the hill is only 80 ft. high.

Another story about Govardhana Hill is that the monkey army of Lord Rama was carrying different stones to construct a bridge to Lanka. Hanuman was carrying Govardhana from Himalayas to help built the bridge. As Hanuman was carrying Govardhana over Braja, Nala and Neela, who were incharge of building the bridge declared that it was completed and no more stones were needed. Hanuman was in Braja Mandala and he put Govardhana there. Govardhana was then lost in two ways. He was away from Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. Rama heard about Govardhana crying and said that in Dawarpa Yuga he would born as Sri Krishna and would hold Govardhana up for seven days and nights to save the residents of Braja.

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