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There are several important places in the vicinity of Govardhana Hill, which are not visited on the normal parikrama. Many of these places are close to Govardhana Hill (within 5 km) and can be visited by taxi. The 24 mile parikrama visits many places that are not visited on the normal Govardhana parikrama

The parikrama starts by taking bath in Manasi Ganga. One then takes darshan of Harideva, Manasi Devi and Brahma Kunda. After leaving Manasi Ganga, one has to take a right turn and walk until the road ends. When one comes to the T intersection (the road ends), on the left side of the road is Rinamochana Kunda. Rinamochana Kunda is near the Govardhana power station. Usually only after it rains will there be any water in this kunda. If one bathes in this kunda they are freed from all vices.

After taking a right turn at the T intersection and then taking a left onto the Mathura-Sonk Road after going about 50m one reaches Papamochana Kunda. It is said that anyone who bathes here has all his offenses removed.

After that one return to the road to Mathura and then go in the direction of Mathura, passing the government bus stand on the right. Here is a small hill on the right hand side. Next to this hill is a small pond known as Indra-dhwaja Tila. This is where the cowherd men would normally worship Indra.

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