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This is a small grove similar to Seva Kunja. Radha and Krishna are said to have taken rest here, after dancing and other conjugal affairs. There is a small temple here known as the "sleeping temple," which has a bed, where Radha and Krishna are said to take rest in, after enjoying their pastimes here.
Nidhi means "the place where invaluable gems are found."

Within this garden is Visakha Kunda. It is said that Krishna pierced the ground with His flute, after the rasa dance, to satisfy the thirst of Visakha devi.

The Samadhi of Haridasa Swami is near the entrance of Nidhivana. He was a contemporary of the six Gosvamis, and he discovered the Banke Bihari Deity here. He was born in 1535 in Haridaspur (Kol-Aligah). His father married the daughter of a brahmana from the village of Raipur, which is near Vrindavana. When he was 25 he took sannyasa.

Tansen the famous court musician of Emperor Akbar, in the 16th century, was a favorite student of Haridas. It is said that one day Haridasa was singing on the bank of the Yamuna. Akbar was passing by and heard him singing. He had the boat stopped and he approached Haridas to become his court musician. Haridas refused, but with Haridasa's permission he took his disciple, Ramtanu Mishra, with him to Delhi. Ramtanu later became famous as Mian Tansen.

Emperor Akbar, in 1573, came to visit the Gosvamis of Vrindavana. It is believed that he met Jiva Gosvami at this time. He was taken to meet them in Nidhivana. Akbar was brought here to show him the sanctity of the place. During the days of Rupa Gosvami and Sanatana Gosvami, this area of Vrindavana, including Nidhivana, Seva Kunja and Nikunjavana was all one continuous forest. There was no town here, like there is today.

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