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Kusuma Sarovara is a 25 minutes walk from Radha Kunda. Kusuma means "flower," and here the gopis would pick flowers for Krishna. Kusuma Sarovara is the best swimming spot in Braja. After going to Radha Kunda one can spend a relaxing hour here. It is a peaceful place, which not many people visit.

During Lord Caitanya's time this place was known as Sumanah Sarovara. It is stated in the Caitanya Caritamrita that Lord Caitanya took bath here. The ghatas at this kunda were built by Jawahir Singh around 1764. Kusuma Sarovara is 460 feet long and the platforms go out 60 feet into the water.

On the upper level are three tombs. The main tomb of Raja Suraj Mall has beautiful paintings on its ceiling depicting the pastimes of Krishna. There are also some paintings of Raja Suraj Mall in his court. The other tombs are those of his two queens, Kishori and Hansiya. It is said that Asta Vakra Muni left his body on the bank of Kusuma Sarovara. The small Siva Linga temple on the western bank of the kunda marks the spot where he gave up his body.

Ashoka-lata, a kunja (forest grove), is also on the bank of Kusuma Sarovara. This is where Krishna braided Radharani's hair. This pastime is described by Krishna Dasa Kaviraja Gosvami in his Govinda Lilamrita. There is a small temple, on the left of Kusuma Sarovara, by the road, that marks the place where Krishna decorated Radharani's hair.

How to Get Here: This kunda is about two km from Radha Kunda. It is between Radha Kunda and the town of Govardhana. It is a large kunda with some impressive architecture, so it is very difficult to miss. Everyone knows where it is located.

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