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Mana means "mind" and Ganga is another name for the Ganges River. Manasi Ganga Kunda is traditionally the starting and ending point of the circumambulation of Govardhana Hill. In the Mathura-mahatmya it is recommended that one bathe in Manasi Ganga and then take darshan of Hrideva before beginning here. This kunda is considered a million times more potent than the Ganges River, because by bathing in the Ganges River one gets liberation and by bathing here one gets "Krishna prema," love of Krishna.

It is a good-size lake located in the town of Govardhana. It is in the center of Govardhana Hill. Manasi Ganga used to be a very large lake, but as Govardhana Hill is getting smaller, Manasi Ganga is also getting smaller in the same proportion.

How To Get Here: Manasi Ganga is on the right, just as one enter the town of Govardhana. Even though it is a large kunda there are buildings blocking it, so one can barely see it from the road. Everyone knows where this place is located.

After Krishna killed Vatsasura, who was a demon and who took the form of a calf, His friends told Him He had to go bathe in the Ganges for purification. Not wanting to travel all the way to the Ganges, Krishna by His meditation brought the Ganges to this place.

Once Nanda and Yasoda, hearing of the glories of the Ganges River, had a desire to bathe in it. The residents of Braja did not want to leave Vrindavana, though Krishna was willing to take them there despite the great distance. They wishfully said, "I wish mother Ganga would come here." To fulfill the desires of His devotees, Krishna entered into meditation and from His mind sprung the kunda known as Manasi Ganga. Krishna told His father that it was not necessary to go to the Ganges, as it was already present in Braja. Krishna then brought His father to Manasi Ganga and they took bath there. It is also said that Radharani and Krishna would go boating on this lake.

Radharani and the gopis came to the bank of Manasi Ganga and wanted to take a boat across. Manasi Ganga used to be a large lake, but has gotten much smaller over the years. They were carrying their yogurt pots and other milk preparations. Krishna who was disguised as a boatman told them He would take them across. They then bargained for a while over the price. They then settled that the price would be some sweets and butter.

He rowed for a while and then just stopped. Radharani and the gopis asked Him why he had stopped. He told then that He was tired and hungry and He could not go any further, if they did not feed Him. They then offered Him their milk products. He ate everything. He then told them that he would take a nap and that they should massage His arms and legs. They told Him if He did not keep rowing they would throw Him overboard. He then started rowing again.

He then stopped again and the gopis asked Him why He had stopped. He told them that the boat was old and that water was coming in, because the weight they were carrying was too heavy. The gopies then threw overboard their yogurt pots and their jewelry. Then a storm came. The wind began to blow and the waves became upset. Krishna started rocking the boat. Radharani became frightened and put Her arms around the boatman. At this time She realized that the boatman was Krishna. The wind and waves then became calm. Radharani then pulled Krishna's flute from under His clothing, and the gopis could understand that the boatman was Krishna in disguise.

This pastime is called noka-vihar and is described in Gopala Campu by Jiva Gosvami.

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